You can make Board Game Bash great!

Volunteer or run an event!


Board Game Bash is possible only with the help of volunteers and event runners.  Volunteers man the registration booth, answer questions, help make badges, set up the event, and tear it down.  Event runners plan and execute the tournaments, demos, and special events that make Board Game Bash the memorable event that it is.

Event Runners

Interested in running an event at the convention?  Awesome!  We ask that events support at least 16 players, and that you expect to get at least 16 players for an event.  Popular or new games are great events, as are non-standard events.  Past successful events include the Dominion tournament, Power Grid tournament, flea market, and puzzle hunt.

If you'd like to run an event, please submit your request on our scheduling system at Tabletop.Events under "Event Submissions."  Events will be evaluated by convention organizers, and if approved, will be added to the convention schedule.


Volunteers make the event happen!  We request two 4-hour shifts as a volunteer, and in exchange, you get free entry into the convention.  Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Registration Booth: Check in attendees, register people with door tickets, sell convention merchandise, and answer questions
  • Floor Walkers: Walk the con floor, help people find events, help attendees find games or players, and check badges
  • Setup / Teardown: Help set up the convention on Thursday night, or help tear it down on Sunday night.  Having a car or truck that can carry boxes of games will be a big help on Sunday night!
  • Pre-Convention: We will meet up on a couple nights prior to the convention to help get things ready.  This will include assembling name badges, filling grab bags, and other items as needed.

If you'd like to volunteer, please fill in the form below: