You can make Board Game Bash great!

Volunteer!  run an event!


Board Game Bash is possible only with the help of volunteers and event runners.  Volunteers man the registration booth, answer questions, help make badges, set up the event, and tear it down.  Event runners plan and execute the tournaments, demos, and special events that make Board Game Bash the memorable event that it is.


Volunteers make the event happen!  We request two 4-hour shifts as a volunteer, and in exchange, you get free entry into the convention.  We have several volunteer times and positions available, including pre-convention prep, con setup/teardown, and the registration booth.  If you'd like to volunteer, just click the button below to fill out an application!

Event Runners

Interested in running an event at the convention?  Awesome!  We ask that events support at least 16 players, and that you expect to get at least 16 players for an event.  Popular or new games are great events, as are non-standard events.  Past successful events include the Dominion tournament, Power Grid tournament, flea market, and puzzle hunt.

Interested?  Click the button below to go to the event submission page!  Event runners get free admission to the convention!