Volunteers take Board Game Bash from good to great.  From running events to helping with setup to manning the registration desk, the volunteers make sure things get done.  If you're interested in helping out this year, not only will you get the satisfaction of making the event happen, but you also get free admission to the convention, a MYSTERY GRAB BAG, and an exclusive button for helping out!  But don't delay.  The deadline to volunteer or submit an event is June 30.

There are several options for volunteering:

  • Event runners plan and run a tournament or event at the convention.  Events must be pre-approved and accommodate at least 16 players.    Sample events from the past include a Power Grid tournament, Wings of Glory multiplayer demo, the flea market, and the puzzle hunt.
  • Registration booth volunteers sit at the registration booth to check in attendees, sell door tickets, answer questions, and sell convention merchandise.
  • Floor walkers will walk the convention floor, help people find tables, help game groups form, check badges, and be available to assist attendees as needed.
  • Setup and teardown volunteers will come in before the convention to set up the game library, registration table, and other areas, or stay after to help tear down and transport items.
  • Pre-convention volunteers will gather on an evening to fill grab bags, press buttons, assemble name badges, and other items that happen prior to the convention.

If you'd like to volunteer, just fill out the form below.  We'll round up the interested volunteers and get in contact through e-mail.

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If you are signing up as an event runner, enter the name of your event here.
If you are signing up as an event runner, please enter the details of the event you're interested in running. Please include a brief description of it, if there are any days/times you cannot run, the maximum number of players you can accommodate, and any other information that would be needed. Note that not all events will be approved to run.