Board Game Bash is an excellent opportunity to showcase your game to a crowd of excellent gamers.  The convention is the perfect place to generate some buzz for your product, run some demos, and make some sales.  Attending Board Game Bash with a vendor table is great for:

  • Self-published designers showing off a new game and taking preorders
  • Game companies running demos of current and coming games
  • Anyone with a Kickstarter to promote
  • Game stores looking to reach players
  • Anyone with a product relevant to the board game community
Register a Vendor Table

Vendors are placed in a vendor room that's directly accessed and in sight of the main gaming ballroom.  The vendor area will lock each night, keeping your tables safe during down time.  The cost of a vendor table is just $265, which includes access for two of your booth staff to the convention.  Power is provided in the room, but be sure to bring along extension cords just in case.  In order to provide enough lead time for publishing, vendors should register for the convention by July 31, but early registration is recommended for maximum exposure on our website.

If you can't attend the convention, then there are still lots of great opportunities to get your name out.  First, we welcome donations in exchange for advertising space in our program and on our website.  Any amount is welcome, and goes directly into making the convention better for our attendees.  A base donation of $50 will get you listed, with increasing amounts offering higher visibility.  The Sponsors page lists some suggestions, but feel free to e-mail directly with your inquiry.

In addition to cash donations, we also accept other items.  Game donations are a popular choice.  We have both a game library and offer door prizes, so donations to those are always welcome.  Check the Sponsors page for more information.