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What is Board Game Bash?

Board Game Bash is a weekend-long board gaming convention designed to get a bunch of gamers together and give them ample opportunity to play.  The 2016 convention will be from Friday, August 12 through Sunday, August 14.  The convention will be open all night each night through the weekend, so let biology be the only thing to stop you!  We're going to be at the Austin Marriott South, located right off I-35 in Austin just south of 71.

Why should I bother pre-registering?

Oh, my friend, the benefits of pre-registering are far superior to buying at the door:

First off, you'll be saving money versus paying at the door.  The pre-registration rate is $55, but payment at the door will be $65.  Second, you'll get a nice, custom name badge, rather than a handwritten one.  Third, in case we do sell out, by pre-registering, you'll ensure that you have a spot at the convention.  Fourth, pre-registrants get early access to sign up for tournaments and events, so you can be sure to play in the events you want.

I missed out on pre-registration.  Am I out of luck?

No way!  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $65 for a three-day pass, $30 for Friday only, $40 for Saturday only, and $35 for Sunday only. That is, unless we sell out.  We do have fixed meeting space, so if we run out of room, we'll have to turn people away at the door.  So to be sure you can get in, pre-registration is your best bet (plus, you get all the other perks).

Why does it cost $55 for a board game convention?

It's just to cover costs.  Renting a hotel space is really expensive, and though it's the biggest cost of the convention, it's not the only one.  The goal of the convention is to break even.  I'm not looking to make profit on it, and I try to set prices with that goal in mind.  If there is any surplus from the convention, all of it goes right back in to funding the following year.  Entry fees are set purely to cover my own costs so I'm not paying money out of pocket.

why should i pay to go to something i can do for free at home?

Good point.  But I think that the community of gamers is the biggest appeal of a convention.  You'll have hundreds of other people there just to play games.  You can play all kinds of different games with all kinds of fun people, all in an awesome weekend.  Not to mention the scheduled tournaments and events that are available play in.

My child is a gamer.  Is this convention restricted to adults only?

Absolutely not!  Kids are definitely welcome at Board Game Bash!  However, I would like to make mention of a couple of things.  First, this will be primarily populated with adults.  As such, the child should be used to playing with and around adults.  Second, anyone under 16 should have an accompanying and responsible adult at all times.  This is for the protection of the child as well as the convention and the hotel.  Third, the child should understand the courtesy that comes with being a gamer.  That means not being overly disruptive to other games, and having due respect for his fellow gamers.  I've had a lot of fun playing board games with mixed groups of adults and kids, so I'm happy to have kids come out to the convention!

it's south Austin.  won't parking be an issue?

It won't!  Board Game Bash made sure that parking was available for free and without any additional cost.  The hotel offers both surface and garage parking with no cost to attendees. 

What's up with this Eventbrite registration?

We decided to go with Eventbrite for registration this year rather than the home-grown system we've used before.  This allows us to more easily sell people multiple tickets, presell items like shirts, process refunds more quickly, better manage door sales, get word out to a larger audience, and other administrative benefits.  But all this isn't free, which is why there's a surcharge added to each Eventbrite ticket.  For attendees, Eventbrite offers multiple ways to register, transfer of tickets, more payment options, quicker checkin, and other items. 

You didn't answer my question!  Where can I get more answers?!?

Anything else you may want to know will be happily answered by just writing to  You can also post a comment here if you like.