A Convention By Gamers, for Gamers

51 Hours of Non-Stop Gaming


Board Game Bash runs every August right here in beautiful Austin, Texas.  Since gamers run on their own schedule, the convention is open all night long, allowing for three days of non-stop gaming.

Board Game Bash was founded in 2011.  The goal of the convention is to build the gaming community by bringing together players that would otherwise not get to meet up.  Austin has a vibrant gaming community, with pockets stretching from Kyle to Cedar Park to Round Rock and all points between, so it's an ideal setting for a board game convention.  Board Game Bash is a way to bring anyone that loves board games together to find new games and new gaming friends.

Primarily, Board Game Bash is about open gaming.  We offer thousands of square feet of gaming space and a game library that attendees can use.  Players are often checking out games and playing with strangers who are also interested in the game, making the convention an excellent way to meet people.  In addition to the open gaming, Board Game Bash runs tournaments, demos, and events during the weekend.  These have included a puzzle hunt, playtesting events for games in development, flea market, math trade, table flipping contest, and other great events.